Advantages not only in the design: The technical specifications.

roomskin® floor doesn’t just set aesthetically new standards. We have also focussed on the technical, physical, mechanical and thermal properties, so that you can say in all honesty: fantastic.


PropertyTypical ValueTest Method


Level of use34EN 16511
Wear lyer thickness425 μmEN 429
Abrasion resistanceAC6EN 13329
> 9.000 REN 13329
> 9.000 REN 15468
Impact resistanceIC4EN 13329
1,850 mmEN 13329


Level of use34EN 16511
Wear lyer thickness360 μmEN 429
Abrasion resistanceAC6EN 13329
> 9.000 REN 13329
> 7.000 REN 15468
Impact resistanceIC3EN 13329
1,800 mmEN 13329


Level of use34EN 16511
Wear lyer thickness280 μmEN 429
Abrasion resistanceAC5EN 13329
> 6.500 REN 13329
> 7.000 REN 15468
Impact resistanceIC3EN 13329
1,800 mmEN 13329

Product Properties

PropertyTypical ValueTest Method
Decor substratePaper (50 – 80 g/m²)
Colour / designOn request
Wear layer100 % Polyurethane
Wear layer thickness200 – 600 μmEN 429
Total thickness250 – 650 μmEN 428
Grammage250 – 650 g/m²EN 430
Widthmax. 2,200 mmEN 426
Embossing patternOn request
Embossing depth50 – 350 μm
Gloss level2 – 24 GE60° Byk Gardner
Slip resistance (pattern dependent)DSEN 14041
R9 – R10DIN 51130
Colour fastness> 6EN 20105-A02
> 6ISO 105-B02
Stain resistance5 (groups 1, 2 & 3)EN 438-2
Residual indentation< 0,02 mmEN 24343-1
Castor chair test (25.000 R)No visible changeEN 425 Typ W
Movement of a furniture legNo visible changeEN 424 Typ 0
Micro-scratch resistanceMSR-A1(A2) / MSR-B1EN 16094
Scratch resistanceLevel 5 (> 6 N)EN 438-2
Reaction to fire (optional)Cfl – s1EN 13501-1
Emission behaviourVery low emissions (according to AgBB scheme & RAL-UZ 176)

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