Pure aesthetics can be this robust.

roomskin® floor is an elastic, high-transparency and extremely robust overlay which can be combined with a great variety of decorative elements. You will never have to choose between either a highly aesthetic or a high-quality decorative solution: roomskin® guarantees both.

The overlay, developed by Mondi on the basis of thermo-plastic polyurethane (TPU), provides a vibrant setting for your decorative elements and offers the ideal conditions for sophisticated elastic flooring solutions.

Top quality on the floor.

Because various designs and decorative elements can be combined with the roomskin® floor overlay, the design possibilities are endless. Also unique is the quality of each decorative solution. This is the result of the resilient TPU wear layer, making the roomskin® floor perfect for creating innovative, multi-layer and modular floor overlays.

These hybrid overlays impress with their extreme dura-bility, pleasant walking comfort and extremely good room acoustics. This means that the roomskin® floor is not just nice to look at, but also to stand on.

Highest quality.

Keeps off a lot, except your dreams.
  • Lightfast and stain-resistant decorative surface
  • Self-healing surface coating  1
  • High scratch and impact resistance
  • Very high abrasion resistance

A sense of well-being.

What you like to hear: You can hardly hear anything.
  • Pleasant room acoustics due to the sound-absorbing wear layer
  • A natural and warm feel makes it pleasant to walk on as a result of the textured wear layer   2
  • Very low emissions due to the removal of plasticizers, formaldehyde and solvents

Varied design.

Bright prospects for you, even if it is super matt.
  • The use of printed paper substrate and polypropylene (PP) films gives you infinite decorative variety
  • Gloss grade from 2 to 24 (depending on the customer’s requirements)
  • Natural surface texture


  1. Small scratches and dints self-heal.
  2. Structural depths up to 350 µm